What we do

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is an organizing project working across the Upper Mid- and Mountain West. We partner with grassroots leaders and community organizations to make sure governments and corporations are building a better future for families, friends, and neighbors.

community building

We work with community leaders and organizations to build skills and develop the tools they need to succeed. Through webinars, one-on-one consultations, and in person training, we increase the ability of organizations in rural, small town, and conservative communities to hold their local decision makers accountable.

building the bench

To ensure that our communities thrive into the future, we need to develop a new generation of leaders. Our goal is to identify, train and develop people like you to help lead their communities into the future.

government accountability

With trillions of dollars flowing into regions and states, we make sure these funds are used for community priorities such as good jobs, hiring local community members, clean air and water, broadband, and long term economic development. 

local organizing

We support people who want to take on the leadership of decision makers where they live. We help them identify ways to move those decision makers around an issue that will improve the lives of everyone in their community. Then we help them mobilize the entire community to win.

Our Work

Issues that matter

UTST organizes and builds organizing support in communities where there is little of both – but where there are community members who need and want to improve their communities.

We address the most pressing issues of the day as defined by the communities in which we work. If it’s lack of healthcare for rural communities or job loss or low wages due to corporate greed, we take on the fights that will deliver a better life for everyone.

Our way of organizing has won public health measures that saved lives; equitable distribution of Covid vaccines; hundreds of millions of dollars in American Rescue Plan funds at the state, county, and local level; and millions of dollars in federal funding for community-improving infrastructure and clean energy projects.

Our Work

Innovating to meet the moment

We are building a strategic campaign and organizing hub in the region that will meet the opportunities and challenges of the current moment. This means training and developing hundreds of community leaders across the region, meeting tens of thousands of people to hear about their hopes and dreams, and mobilizing them to win concrete improvements in their lives.

At the same time, we are developing innovative organizing strategies and tactics, and because we are open-sourced, we share them with other organizers and organizations.

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