In a nutshell

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is an organizing project founded by longtime movement leader Paul Getsos with Community Change, a national racial and economic justice advocacy organization. UTST, in partnership with grassroots leaders and organizations in communities across the country, identifies opportunities to create and/or strengthen powerful organizing projects that improve the lives of Americans during times of crisis and recovery.


  • Identify the issues affecting communities as a result of COVID and the strategies, tools, and tactics to engage them. 
  • Use a set of organizing projects rooted in local conditions to strengthen organizing work in impacted communities.
  • Inform national advocacy efforts connected to the health and economic crises that have emerged as a result of COVID.


Recovering from Covid is an opportunity. We have a chance, TODAY, to unite people from all walks of life, who until now, may have never found common ground around a common cause: the equitable, just, transparent, and life-improving recovery from the pandemic for every American.

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