Build Our Roads Right.

Stop Washing My Tax Dollars!

Today, 15 states take federal taxpayer dollars and run them through a washing process to strip federal guidelines that guarantee fair pay and quality work when constructing our roads and bridges. Some of the ELIMINATED rules include:

X Buy American Standards

X Local Hiring Initiatives

X Prevailing Wage/Top Wage Standards

This is called a ‘Road Swap’ and it not only devalues our skilled local workers by driving down pay rates when pitted against out-of-state contractors, but also means that our roads and bridges may be constructed with foreign material at a cheaper price - and potentially a cheaper, less reliable product result.

People agree that we should not mess around when we talk about rebuilding our roads and bridges.

Sign this letter to your Representative and tell them to take up H.R. 3559 ‘Stop Swaps, Protect Local Jobs Act’ in the House this legislative session. It’s a no-pork, one-page bill and would ensure taxpayer dollars maintain the highest American and local standards when rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges.


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Dear Representative Feenstra,

I am asking, in coalition with United Today, Stronger Tomorrow, that you support and sponsor H.R. 3559 Stop Swaps, Protect Local Jobs Act this legislative session.

This bill will ensure that federal taxpayer funds maintain federal standards on roads and bridges projects, including Buy American clauses, local hire initiatives, and prevailing wage.

People agree that when it comes to the integrity of our roads and bridges, we shouldn’t mess around and we should do it right the first time. I am your constituent and I am one of those people.

When United Today, Stronger Tomorrow and coalition leaders met with you in December, you indicated interest in taking a look at the bill. Today, I’m asking for your public support and sponsorship.

Thank you,

The undersigned

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