United Today

Stronger Tomorrow

Building Power Today

to respond to COVID

Creating a Stronger Tomorrow

for our communities

Setting the Agenda

for our future

Fight for what we need today and help create the agenda for tomorrow.

Now is the time to engage more people to ensure that our government's responses to COVID are just and equitable, protect people’s health and economic well-being, and build a path toward environmental sustainability.

Building power today
Creating a stronger tomorrow
Setting the agenda for our future


We're building a powerful, broad base of constituencies energized to advocate for a COVID response that meets our needs today and creates an agenda for tomorrow that is rooted in democracy, equity, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, racial justice, public health, and environmental sustainability.


COVID is a crisis today and a challenge for years to come.This moment provides us with an opportunity to move beyond the current polarization of red and blue, fact and fiction, and collective well-being versus individual rights to a politic where an overwhelming majority of people see the need to work with one another.

Only together can we imagine and implement solutions at the scale required to solve not just the problems created by COVID today but also the systemic and structural problems that existed before and will continue to exist after a vaccine is found.


The scale of the COVID crisis, not just in terms of numbers, but in how deeply it has had an impact across sectors, constituencies, and communities, is a great equalizer. While it is clear that people of color and frontline workers are most at risk of serious illness, every person in this country has been impacted, many in significant and life changing ways.

We can build a base of people power, a coalition, to address COVID in a way that serves the needs of every impacted community now and sets the agenda for all of the critically important work that will need to happen after the crisis is resolved.

Fight for what we need today and help create the agenda for tomorrow.

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