• Collectively identify barriers preventing Western Iowa and Siouxland from unlocking the full benefits of federal investment.
  • Identify specific recommendations to the Administration and relevant federal agencies on how best to remedy them.
  • Learn about specific funding streams available to Western Iowa and Siouxland and forge new partnerships between labor, business, and community partners to ensure that community and worker benefits from specific federal funding streams are realized.
  • Meet and build relationships with key agencies and administration officials.

Issue Areas

We will discuss federal funding and programs connected to clean energy, workforce development, economic development, small businesses, infrastructure, and new federal opportunities to promote manufacturing in the region.

wednesday, august 7

8:30 am

Registration & Breakfast

10 am


10:30 am

Listening Session 1: Federal Funding

Opening Panel discussion, small and large facilitated group discussions regarding Federal Funding and our communities: What are the opportunities, challenges, and threats to ensuring federal funds address community needs?

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Listening Session 2: Investing in America

Panel discussions, breakouts on specific infrastructure topics, reconvene to large group.

2:30 pm

Workforce Development and Good Jobs

Panel discussion, small table discussion

4 pm

Wrap Up


5 pm



6:30 pm

Reception & Dinner

thursday, august 8

9 am

Report Out From Day 1


9:30 am

The Continuing Shift in Our Energy Economy

Stakeholder Conversations - Panel followed by large group conversations.

Prompts: What is the plan to move to new energy emissions? What are the technologies? What do you see - what do you


Clean Energy Generation, Grid Resiliency, Transmission Workers Conservation (public lands and agriculture), Energy Efficiency (Climate Resilient Buildings and Electrification), Transportation (Public Transportation and Electrification)

10:30 am

Listening Session 2

Small working groups will provide an opportunity to meet with federal agency staff to identify opportunities, challenges, and ways to work together to ensure funding flows for community needs, good jobs, and local economic development.

11:15 am

Large Group Discussion


12 pm


1:30 pm

Issue Area Breakout Groups Session Close Out

We’ll break out into four different groups where local leaders and administration and agency officials will do a deeper dive on how to work together to address specific issues. Breakout topics will include:

Clean Energy

Workforce Development

Economic Development/Manufacturing


12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Moving Forward with an Actionable Plan

In a large facilitated group session – based on conversations held over the last two days, including the small group breakout sessions – we’ll identify concrete next steps on how to work together to make sure federal funding and opportunities for economic development meet the needs of Southeastern Utah

1:45 pm

Next Steps, Thank You, Close of Event




Public Town Hall

Local folks, business owners, and elected reps sharing successes, challenges, and opportunities that can shape the future of energy in Utah.


Lifting Up Federal Funding Successes

Attendees sharing examples of how federal funding is strengthening rural Utah’s local economies and delivering benefits to communities.

Invite-Only Stakeholder Meeting

Representatives from federal, regional, and state agencies and local stakeholders will strategize on how to ensure federal dollars help create good jobs, promote local hiring, and meet community needs.

For more information

Paul Getsos | Director | UTST

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