The Iowa arm of United Today, Stronger Tomorrow has been operating in western Iowa since 2021; building new coalitions and earning wins around the spending of COVID recovery at the local government level.

Accountability and Community Inclusion

We’ve won everything from local priorities such as new water mains for rural towns in Pottawattamie County, to broadband internet expansion statewide, as well as Woodbury County residents securing new federal policies from the Department of Treasury to protect federal taxpayer dollars Whether it’s advocating directly for community priorities or watchdogging local elected decisions with taxpayer dollars, we operate on the three tenets of UTST – Transparency, Accountability, and Community Inclusion.

Through deep canvassing and listening programs, and new contact surveys, we’ve learned more about what Iowans want done with this new $4 TRILLION tranche of federal investments.

– Clean water & energy

– Roads & bridges

– Local job creation with fair benefits & pay for the work

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Community Priorities for Federal Investment

As we begin to understand what it means to have this once-in-a-lifetime influx of federal funding to our states, we also recognize the monumental grassroots efforts required to make sure this funding goes to community priorities — not the special interests and string pullers.


If we can count on you to work with us to strengthen our local communities, or have questions, please contact our Western Iowa Organizer, Nathanael Perigo ( or Dave Bushaw (, or, sign on above.

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