The Montana chapter of UTST is starting its work in Flathead County. Our work here is simple: identify problems that our communities are struggling with, create campaigns to address these problems, and build community and connections as we go. 


To that end we have had over a hundred phone calls and conversations asking people one question, "What is impacting you and your friends and family right now in the Flathead? What do you want to see change or improve?" 

We have convened a Town Hall of Flathead community members, and asked them to identify the most important issues which resulted in these top 3 issues: 

-Affordable housing


-Mental Health


We are currently engaged in the process of identifying a winnable, impactful campaign(s) connected to these issues. As we move forward, the importance of developing meaningful connections with each other and building community in our valley is one of the most important pieces of the work we do.


If you're interested in getting involved or have questions, please contact, our Montana organizer.

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