Tell Montana Legislators

Support the Child Tax Credit!

When employees work hard, they get a cash bonus for their work. Don’t parents also deserve a cash bonus for their hard work? If you agree, send a message to your state representative and ask them to support the Montana Child Tax Credit. This credit would give families back $1,200 per child under 6 if they make under $50k and gradually less if they make between $50-56k.

Sounds great right? Sadly, this bill is stuck and needs only need 3 more representatives to support it and get it moving again through the legislative process.

The good news is that your state rep, Terry Falk, serves on this committee. Send him an email telling him why you want him to support the Child Tax Credit and ask him to help this bill get unstuck and back on track to become reality.

Write the Letter

How do I fill out this letter?

  1. Write your own subject line (e.g. "Support the Child Tax Credit")
  2. Keep one from parent/teacher/community member, and delete the other two, in paragraph 3
  3. Write your story in paragraph 4
  4. Hit Send when done
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