Pass SB 15

Fight Rising Housing Costs

Right now, Montana legislators can fight rising housing costs by passing Senate Bill 15. SB 15 would expand the existing elderly homeowner and renter tax credit to homeowners and renters of all ages! This tax credit applies to households making under $45,000/year. 

This bill would help impact workers from 60,000 households who provide important services to you and your community. It is simply expanding a law that already exists to apply to more Montanans. This tax credit puts more money in the pockets of those who need it most!

When you write an email here, it will automatically be sent to the Senate Taxation Committee. Tell them how this tax credit could positively impact your life!



What should I write in the email?

1) Subject Line

First, write a subject line. Something like "Support workers in Montana" or anything you like.

2) Name and Hometown

Then, fill in your Name and hometown in the body of the email where it says [Name] and [Town].

3) Why this is important to you

Finally, add a few sentences about why this is important to you where it says [write your own paragraph]. Some examples of what you can write here are:

  1. How would more money in your pocket help you and your community?
  2. Population growth has resulted in more expensive housing and this property tax credit will provide some much needed relief.
  3. Montana has a $1.9 billion state budget surplus, and that money should go to help those who have been impacted the most by the COVID/Yellowstone migration. 
  4. Long-time Montanans have been displaced by wealthy out-of-staters. This property tax credit can help Montanans stay.
  5. SB 15 would only cost $35 million per year over the next 4 years and benefits hard working Montanans that need relief the most - but the Governor’s state income tax cut only benefits top earners AND would cost an average of $123 million per year for the next 4 years.
  6. Montana’s property tax is regressive meaning low and mid-income families pay a higher percentage of their income than the wealthy. With housing prices and rent skyrocketing, this bill would help Montana families afford housing.
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