Tell the Board of Supervisors:

Pottawattamie Co. residents deserve a voice in deciding how federal covid recovery funds are spent


Pottawattamie County will receive close to $18 Million in federal Covid Recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. The 1st installment of $9 million has already been spent, but the 2nd installment (also of $9 Million) is arriving in May.

Our coalition is calling on the Pottawattamie Co. Board of Supervisors to survey residents from across the county, cities, and rural communities, to identify how these funds should be focused and release to the public the results.

We reached out to over 10,000 residents and asked for their opinion on the matter and to sign our petition. Here's what they had to say:


  • 10,012 residents contacted
  • 100+ signed our petition and sent a letter calling on the Board to survey residents for input
  • 356 oppose the spending
  • 97 are in favor of the spending

Poll Question

What do you think about Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors using $2 Million in Covid recovery funding to buy the Mt. Crescent Ski Area?

Response Highlights

‘What's done is done but tax payers should have a say where tax payer money is spent.’ - J.M.

‘It is my thought that Covid relief funds could have gone to help businesses and families financially impacted by Covid. Restaurants were particularly hard hit by the virus.’ M.C.

'Thanks for doing the recon work to find the public opinion. I would much rather see mental healthcare access for those outside of CB but still in the county.’ - S.A.

‘Lately we came to believe it doesn't matter what the right thing is, or what the majority wants, politicians will do whatever they like, but, for whatever reason, this has struck a nerve in me.’ - S.S.

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