Call to action:

Tell Senator Mike Rounds to support the Federal Reserve nominees.


Our country needs every tool we have to fight inflation and grow our economy. And we need every Senator to do everything they can to help America‚Äôs families, workers, and small businesses.

Our most important inflation-fighting tool is the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, which is weakened due to an historic number of empty seats. The Federal Reserve sets the rules of the road for whether small businesses can get a loan, community banks can function, and businesses can expand and hire people in our communities. 

Currently, the process to appoint this slate of five qualified nominees, including a Republican, is stalled in the Senate Banking Committee because there has not been a vote.

We urge Senator Rounds to meet with these nominees and to vote to move them out of Committee. Their inflation-fighting skills will help South Dakota businesses and job seekers get back on track.

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