Call and Tweet

Call Senator Rounds

Senator Rounds, this is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR TOWN, SD]. 

Last week, your staff met with leaders from United Today, Stronger Tomorrow and I want to thank you for working them! 

Please make sure you get back to us about your position on the current COVID relief bill and what you are willing to do to help South Dakota. 

I want you to support the COVID Relief package coming to the Senate this week so we can help all South Dakotans.

We also look forward to working with you in the future on the next COVID relief bill.


Tweet at Senator Rounds

[bctt tweet=”@SenatorRounds South Dakotans need to know what you are going to do to support them. Respond to UTST about your position on the COVID relief bill” url=”no” via=”no”]
[bctt tweet=”@SenatorRounds UTST is waiting for you to clarify your stance on the COVID relief bill. Please answer our questions and clarify what you are doing to support SD at this moment” url=”no” via=”no”]

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