Tell SD Legislators to Repeal the Food Tax!

South Dakota is one of the few states taxing people for purchasing food - 4.5% on all groceries! With high food prices, decreasing access to food, and Governor Noem’s promise, we need to tell our legislators to eliminate the state’s food tax now, during this session.

In conjunction with action to cut the food tax, we call upon the Governor’s administration and Bureau of Finance and Management to consult with sovereign tribal nations, who hold tax compacts with the state, and propose any amendments necessary to ensure that food tax relief will not negatively impact their funding. Let’s make sure this proposal moves forward and gets top priority among the bills for tax cuts.

When you write an email here, it will automatically be sent to the House Appropriations Committee. Share how eliminating the food tax in your community will positively impact your life.


What should I write in the email?

  1. South Dakota is one of the last states left that still taxes food with no offset.
  2. Revenue from the grocery tax is no longer needed thanks to the growing online sales tax revenue.
  3. The food tax is bad for our businesses. Our neighboring states don’t have a food tax, which is an incentive for South Dakotans to drive to nearby cities in border states for their groceries, depriving our state of commerce and tax revenue.
  4. At the current 4.5% tax rate, 4.5 times 365 days equals 16.4 days worth of food taxed from the tables of SD families. 
  5. South Dakota is recognized as one of 5 states with the most unfair tax systems, taking a bigger share of income from struggling households than from wealthier ones. The food tax is the most regressive part of sales tax.
  6. One out of every nine South Dakotans is food insecure and one in every six children is food insecure.

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