South Dakota

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow - South Dakota is a group of community members and local organizations working together to ensure an equitable recovery from Covid.


Through a series of one-on-one conversations with local leaders and community members in South Dakota, we’ve identified issues that South Dakotans have faced in the pandemic and are working to address these issues in order to uphold the will of the community. This has included successfully passing the Sioux Falls Mask Mandate, holding meetings between Senator Thune and Senator Rounds and community leaders, ongoing Vaccine Equity work, and ensuring that our state’s American Rescue Plan funds are spent efficiently and fairly.


The South Dakota Legislature will decide how to spend our portion of the ARP funds this fall. It is important that we let our elected officials know TODAY what we want them to do with this money.

Tell us where you think this money should be spent by taking this survey, and then join us in holding our government accountable for the wise use of these funds.


Email to get involved!

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