UTST Monthly Newsletter: Issue #2

With billions of dollars in play, United Today, Stronger Tomorrow is gearing up to make sure every dollar goes to creating good family-sustaining jobs and addressing your communities’ priorities.

Decisions are being made right now and we must ensure that all the policies and programs protect workers, enrich our communities, and create a sustainable environment for all of us.

Together we can make sure there are enough well-paid and well-trained workers for the thousands of federally funded projects coming to our states. These projects will clean our air and water, make our internet faster, and fix our roads and bridges.

That’s why hundreds of folks around the country have pledged to stand for good wages, training, local hiring, and to support workers, not just on Labor day, but every day.

Join the movement, take the pledge!

Community priorities and support for workers! 👷

Our trades apprenticeship resource campaign is going well. Members have been reaching out, interested in taking advantage of new local job opportunities to rebuild our communities; clean our water; build new roads and bridges; install high speed internet, and so much more!

We’ve surveyed more than 600 Iowans to find out which federally-funded infrastructure projects are important to them – wow!  What we’ve learned is that across all the projects, fellow Iowans want good-paying local jobs, workers rights, and training to expand on their careers. Iowans are rebuilding Iowa!

Keep an eye out for our campaigns to ensure federal worker provisions, including Buy American clauses, are maintained when using these infrastructure funds.

Setting legislative priorities 🏛️

South Dakota will be receiving Billions of dollars to tackle infrastructure problems like crumbling roads, decaying bridges, and bringing broadband to our most rural communities. There are lots of opportunities all across the state, and we’re seeing more and more interest every day to ensure that this money fixes some of our biggest problems.

Later this month, we’ll be bringing together partners and community leaders from across South Dakota to talk about the upcoming state legislative session. Last year, we were successful in reducing the Food Tax and ensuring American Rescue Plan funds benefited our communities. 

In the year ahead there are major opportunities to make South Dakota a state that works for everyone, but we need your input and support!

Language justice victory! 💪

We’re excited to announce that we won $115,000 for language justice in La Plata County! On top of that, Grand Junction’s American Rescue Plan Committee added the priorities identified by our community survey to their funding decisions after we presented our results. We’re also excited to bring rural representation and union leadership to the White House meeting this week to discuss good job creation in Colorado.  

This month we will be talking to labor unions, community groups and other stakeholders to develop a potential campaign focused on infrastructure and just transition for rural communities across the state.

$3.4 billion up for debate 💰

In Utah, labor, civic, environmental, and faith leaders are building a coalition that can direct the $3.4 billion in infrastructure funds coming to Utah towards projects that clean Utah’s air and water while creating good jobs accessible to all Utah communities.

So far we’ve collected over 250 surveys on how Utahn’s want to spend this money. We’ll continue gathering community input as we prepare to move forward with our demands for Utah’s legislature!

Our work was also featured in an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune on Labor Day. You can read it here.

Continuing Our Work with the White House 🤝

Last week, we held our second meeting with White House officials where our members shared their experiences and challenges with the federal ARP and Infrastructure funds in their communities. These meetings are part of our ongoing work to make sure that money is allocated to the projects most needed in our communities, and that those projects are being implemented effectively and efficiently at the local level. We’re excited to continue these conversations as infrastructure and ARP money arrives into states around the country with more meetings like this!

Paul Getsos

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