Our Work

Now is the time to bring more people into work that ensures that government responses to COVID are just, equitable, and protect people’s health and economic well being. Together, we can balance the immediacy of the crisis – the very real, day-to-day, COVID-related concerns of millions of Americans – with strategic, intentional steps to build both short and longer-term potential for powerful advocacy.

Whether it’s with frontline workers, un/underemployed hospitality workers, and/or small business owners, we meet people where they are, identify the issues that impact them, and then work to address those issues, all with the goal of making concrete changes in people’s lives.

Building power with folks

Currently, we are working with a cadre of partners in a set of states:


United Today Stronger Tomorrow – Utah is a group of civic, religious, and business leaders working together to ensure an equitable recovery from Covid.

Through a series of one-on-one conversations with local leaders in South Dakota, we learned that because the local economy is regional, issues and sectors – like agribusiness, meatpacking, healthcare, and higher education – cross state lines. Challenges like Covid, and its many related impacts, are regional. Accordingly, taking our lead from conditions on the ground, we are committed to supporting a process to determine whether a regional organizing strategy makes sense and can succeed.

We are partnering with CO AFL-CIO and CO Working Families Party to make sure that when Coloradans return to work, they can do so safely and successfully, and to address high unemployment in a set of industries like recreation, hospitality, and tourism.

United Today, Stronger Tomorrow – Iowa is a coalition of labor, indigenous, and faith leaders; elected officials; and community members working together to ensure an equitable recovery from Covid and reestablish trust in the practices of local, state, and federal government.

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